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200 RYT, CMT, PT

Ananda developed an early interest in the body, movement mechanics and the healing process. She started practicing yoga in her early childhood as she studied at a Guru Kala and then, she continued her own personal practice as part of her everyday home life. This has provided her the gift of a strong foundation in yoga. 

She has studied various forms of dance, from Modern to African to Ballroom, with an ever increasing interest in why injuries occur and the best way to avoid them. She trained and has practiced professionally as a personal trainer, massage therapist, physical therapist and is now adding myofascial release and structural integration to her resume.


Her goal is to help people focus on where they are ‘now’ with their bodies so that they may feel and perform better tomorrow.

Refine your yoga practice while staying in paradise


Bienestar Yoga and Wellness is located in the heart of Bahia Ballena on Costa Rica's Pacific coast in the welcoming town of Uvita. Situated close to both the pristine beaches and thriving jungle, it's an ideal place to connect with your yoga practice and nature. With this in mind, Bienestar was built with open air yoga platforms to provide the perfect setting to appreciate all of Costa Rica's natural beauty.

Bienestar was opened by Lura Shopteau in 2013 to establish a center for yoga teacher training and focused yoga retreats, as well as creating a place of mental and physical well being for those who want to go beyond their yoga practice.


All year around Bienestar offers a host of personalized and specialized services to accommodate you on your path to learning, no matter where you are from absolute beginner to accomplished yogi.


We attract students from all over the world, so if you love travel, yoga and serenity, then Bienestar is the place for you.


Contact us for more information on our yoga teacher training, private yoga classes, yoga retreats and professional counseling services. 

A word from Bienestar's founder, Lura Shopteau


Yoga is a journey and mine has led me to help others start a practice in yoga or meditation, deepen their current practice with individualized attention and promote overall wellness for those who seek it. It is a journey to inspire love, to give what I have benefited from back to others. From yoga teacher, to therapist/coach, to certified yoga therapist, I have fully invested my mind, body and time to this holistic world.

I believe in laughter, opening the heart, eliminating boundaries, finding out what we believe in, inspiring action, and just going for it. Yoga is the key piece of my holistic lifestyle, health, free spirit and love that allows me to encourage the dreams and growth of everyone.


I am grateful to be living in such a beautiful place like Uvita, Costa Rica, for my friends worldwide, the bounty's of nature, and my family.

I hope to offer you a world of yoga that will create opportunities to make discoveries through self-inquiry and experimentation in connecting to the mind, body and spirit. I want to assist you in developing a deeper level of self-awareness, inspiring your practice and solidifying your commitment to yoga, a healthy life, a generous spirit, love and kindness.

Lura Shopteau


Lura has valued the Pura Vida Costa Rica lifestyle for over 24 years and feels blessed to call this magical place home.  She moved full time to Uvita in 2013 and opened her dedicated yoga school and training center, Bienestar. 


With almost 20 years of teaching experience, Lura has earned her E-RYT-500, which is the highest recognized designation for a certified yoga teacher, making Lura certified to train other teachers at all levels.  The practice of yoga brought her to train as a professional counselor (LPC), yoga therapist (C-IAYT) and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher. She is specially trained to apply psychotherapy, yogic, and meditation techniques to treat medical issues. With yoga, Lura has worked with integrative medical professionals helping clients with an array of health problems. She has taught in medical schools, hospitals, yoga centers, and trained other yoga teachers while maintaining a private practice in holistic counseling. 

Bienestar Yoga in Costa Rica is a Yoga Allience 200 hour registered yoga school
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