May 7, 2017

If there is one thing most of us have in common it is the desire for a long and healthy life. We want to live life fully, right up until the end. But how can we ensure this last? Is it left up to luck, good genes, hearty DNA or is it lifestyle?

It turns out that scientists say that 25% of our life span is based on genetics and 75% is our individual lifestyle choices. Lifestyle breaks down to things we can control and take action on in our everyday life. Healthy habits, having deep friendships, and creating a clean environment are conscious choices that contribute to longevity. It so happens that as they searched the world for places where people lived the longest they found one of them in Costa Rica!

‘The Blue Zones’ by Dan Bueter is considered an anti-aging book, however it is more profound and truly can be used as a guideline for a long and healthy life. The book lists nine powerful cross cultural distillations of the best practices from the four international locations chosen for thei...

May 5, 2017

Costa Rica is full of delightful scents, blossoms on trees and flowers, leaves and grasses, barks and roots fragrance the air. As you drive down a road or take a walk in the jungle scent subtly plays a large part of the experience. Our olfactory system (nose and brain) works largely on the unconscious and plays a role in our sense of taste, digestion, memory, emotions and sex drive.

Heightening our awareness aromas have been used by man since ancient times both for pleasure and as medicine. Today we call it aromatherapy, highly concentrated volatile oils extracted from plants are know as Essential Oils. They has been used by health professionals in Europe since the 1930’s and in the past 30 years extensive clinical research has been done around the curing the causes of disease and to restore vitality to the body with these oils.

Many plants known for their scents grow in Costa Rica, some are wild, some primarily for food and spices, and some to enhance the landscape with color and scent....

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The Art of Intention

July 17, 2017

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