August 30, 2018

Why are we here in Costa Ballena, Costa Rica? There are a variety of answers but they all sift down to us individually caring about what we see as the quality of our lives and our family's lives. We appreciate the clean environment, the always fresh food, time in nature and a little more freedom. This is self-care, we are choosing a lifestyle that supports our wellbeing.

Self-care has been a media subject lately as celebrities stretch the limit of self-care into self-indulgence. But why is the concept of self-care important? Because if we don’t take care of ourselves we can not take care of others.

Self-care is anything you do consciously to help maintain your physical, mental or emotional health. Things like exercise, time spent on a hobby, and using relaxation techniques to manage stress and anxiety, hiking to clear the mind and physically work our bodies are all good examples of self-care strategies. Self-care will help you feel healthy, relaxed and ready for whatever life throws at y...

August 7, 2018

It amazes me how little people think about their bodies, their habits, what they eat and how it all functions together. I have been blessed to have lived the childhood I did and to have come of age in a time of developing awareness to our environment, our food, to active lifestyles and healthy habits, into an era of consciousness.  

I lived a healthy life always, with a loving family, strong community values, spiritual beliefs in something greater and I was encouraged to pursue things that interested me.  And yet at a certain age, I got sick and did not know how to handle it. It was stress from my lifestyle, just too much living, doing, a marriage that was not a partnership, and all the busyness.

But it was figured out and I simplified my lifestyle by choice to do less.  And I studied how to help others find well-being.  It is in all of us, often we just need to slow down to see where those bumps are, or life can cause us to come to a screeching halt where we are forced to slow down...

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The Art of Intention

July 17, 2017

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