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Closed to all group classes

Due to COVID-19 we are closed and will remain closed in the interest of public health until this virus subsides.

If you need help privately please feel free to contact me and we will see what we can work out I do have individual options.

Vinyasa Everday Yoga

90 Minutes

$12 per class

Asana driven by the breath to deepen our awareness as we move, stretch and strengthen.  Breath into the body to release, feel your strength and balance as you move deliberately with grace and ease thus empowering your practice.  Style and intensity of class will  vary with the teacher.

Drop-in price $12 per class or get a 10 class pack for $100.

Local Tico's ask for special rate..

Yin Yoga


Time TBD

60 Minutes

$12 per class

Long-held supported poses affect our fascia and are chose specifically to affect the body's energy through the meridians of Oriental medicine. Each class focuses on a specific organ pair to stimulate the specific energetic activity through  Yin (soft, calm feminine energies) to balance our typical Yang practice (active, masculine activity), returning us to balance.


Note: This is not a restorative class and requires the ability to focus and hold supported floor poses.

Drop-in price $12 per class or get a 10 class pack for $100.


Beginning Yoga Course 

Learn yoga from the beginning in a way that empowers you. We focus on breath, tying your breath to movement, acknowledging your body and working with it. Build flexibility, strength, and concentration. Everyone can do yoga when it is the right yoga for them. Yoga is not about being, but about becoming.

8 week program for $80.  

Starts Monday, March 9, 2020 at 9:30 a.m. (60 minute classes)

Meditation - Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)  

Learn to practice meditation using a variety of mind body practices, while going on an exploration of self-awareness. MBSR is effective in the reduction of stress and anxiety, pain management, relationship satisfaction and general well-being. If you are constantly feeling busy and harried, this is a beautiful way to transition into the Costa Ballena lifestyle.

The group meets once per week for eight weeks, each class is 90 - 120 minutes long depending on the number of participants, with one additional half day mini-retreat session in the last 10 days. These sessions will include individual, tailored instruction in mindfulness meditation practices, as well as group discussions, gentle yoga and stretching, daily homework and related class materials. 

We need at least 3 people to participate. All class materials provided.

8 week program for $200 (approximately $10 per hour).

Beginning the week of January 6, exact date and time not set.

Youth Classes for 3 - 4 year olds: Keikis 

Keiki is a term used in the orchid world for a newly developing orchid. Much like orchid Keikis the children in this class will be receiving support in comprehending a new structure of ideas. The classes involve repetition of songs and movement (asana) linked throughout by a theme, such as: Ocean Adventures, Mythical Creatures, A Day in Space. Class begins with a short discussion on philosophy and a breathing exercise (pranayama). After creative, meaningful movement it ends with a developmentally appropriate visualization (meditation). These classes help in fostering increased balance and coordination, expanded imagination and creativity, relieves tension, and assists in neuromuscular development!

Limited to 10 students - 6 weeks  $48.00 or 28,000 C / drop-in $8.00  or 4600 C

Saturday mornings March 14 - May 2  (NO Class April 11, Easter weekend)

Classes are 30 minutes long and begin at 10:00 a.m.

Youth Classes for 5 - 7 year olds: Phals

Phalaenopsis is a term used to refer to an orchid who can now stand alone in its own pot. This course will feature Pranayama breathing techniques fostering self regulation, asana practice fostering flexibility, strength, and body awareness, and meditation fostering increased concentration and reduced anxiety, all woven together through a given theme for maximum effectiveness. Discussions in these classes on the principles of yoga carry further and the asanas include group postures and movement activities. Throughout our 10 weeks together the children will develop a deeper understanding of the power of perception, unity, attention, acceptance, and love.     

Limited to 10 students - 6 weeks $48.00 or 28,000 C / drop-in  $8.00 or 4,600 C

Saturday mornings March 14 - May 2 (NO Class April 11, Easter weekend)


Classes are 45 minutes long and begin at 10:45 a.m.      

Youth Classes for 12 -16 year olds: Yoga, Movement & Anatomy to Gain flexibility, Strength and Concentration

Beginning yoga with a focus on inquiry into how our bodies work. As we flex, stretch and strengthen we'll focus on where we feel it, what joints, bone and muscles are involved, how they work and how we can best support them. This course will have 6 classes, each focusing on a specific area: Respiration, feet and legs, hips, spine and abdominal support, arms and shoulders, central nervous system and the mind-body connection. Worksheets and a skeletal model will be used in class. (One optional special class to be scheduled on the reproductive system)

This program is held over school vacations - 

Classes will be held on Mondays  and on Thursdays

Six classes of 2 hours each for $70.

Limited to 8 students.

Bienestar Yoga in Costa Rica is a Yoga Allience 200 hour registered yoga school
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