Daily Yoga Classes

  • An inclusive class for every yogi level (only Aug. 13-Sept. 17).

    10 US dollars
  • Una clase inclusiva para cada nivel de yogui en espanol.

    10 US dollars
  • Come enjoy a calming morning Vinyasa flow with us.

    12 US dollars
  • Join us for a centering Yin Yoga session.

    12 US dollars
  • A donation-based group meditation to end the week.

    Donations accepted
  • 8 weeks, need 3 registrations minimum, runs Aug. 8-Sept. 26.


    200 US dollars
  • Learn about the history, vibrational magic and healing powers of plant...


    200 US dollars

The success of yoga does not lie in the ability to perform  postures, but in how it positively              changes the way we live our life and our relationships."                                                                                                                                                                                      T.K.V. Desikachar    

Bienestar Year-Around Yoga Classes and Teacher Trainings

We conduct yoga classes and yoga teacher training retreats during all four seasons of the year thanks to the warm tropical weather in Costa Rica.


Browse our current class listings and find the ideal yoga practice for you. We also offer special yoga and wellness workshops for the public and continuing yoga education.

Yoga For You, we'll adjust your practice to fit your body and show your ways to safely progress.

At Bienestar we offer yoga classes that focus on basic and advanced yoga postures, breathe, awareness, and meditation techniques in order to develop strength, flexibility of the body, mental clarity and a general sense of well being.

We respect the differences and needs of each individual. Yoga is an ever deepening and expanding discipline, which through regular practice unites the body, breathe and mind.

As a Yoga Alliance member yoga school, you can trust that Bienestar will provide you with professional but personalized yoga classes that will take you to the next level in your practice.

We will show you the tools and resources to progress your practice at whatever your level. Let us encourage and guide your individual self-exploration in movement, visualization and stillness within a supportive community.

Daily Yoga   8:30 daily 

A more traditional yoga class, pranayama is applied throughout class, all movement is driven by the breath, moving through a posture flow with stability and grace. Individual attention is given. This is not a follow the leader exercise class.  We take time to hold, deepen and internally connect as we move through our flow.  It is taught to the ability of those showing up each day. 

Drop-in price $12 per class or get a 10 class pack for $100.

Local Tico's ask for special rate..

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga class, long held floor poses. Explore the subtle energies and opposition in practice to our everyday asana which bring flexibility and strength to the body. Yin brings peace, ease and interception. Yin is complementary to Yang practices and helps to keep our being in balance, by nourishing what may be over worked or under served in our existing practice.  practiced in near silence as you focus on finding peace and stillness in each posture. 

Teachers may vary slightly as some teach a regular practice and Lura and others align the postures with the TOM Traditional Oriental Medicine, organ paired and chi flow.

Drop-in price $12 per class or get a 10 class pack for $100.

Local Tico's ask for special rate..

Multi-week Programs
deeper instruction, alignment with practice & personal growth

Beginning Yoga 

Learn with personal attention from the beginning level to practice in a way that fits you, move from simple to complete, gain connection to your physical body, balance and steadiness. Regain control of your natural breathe to find relaxation and to calm you entire nervous system. Stretch and strengthen your entire body. Learn yoga in a way that beneficial to you as an an individual and gain the knowledge to confidently attend yoga classes.

6 weeks - 1 hour  per week. $ 60.00    (no date scheduled)

Meditation - Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)  

Learn to practice meditation using a variety of mind body practices, while going on an exploration of self-awareness. MBSR is effective in the reduction of stress and anxiety, pain management, relationship satisfaction and general well-being. If you are constantly feeling busy and harried, this is a beautiful way to transition into the Costa Ballena lifestyle.

The group meets once per week for eight weeks, each class is 90 - 120 minutes long depending on the number of participants, with one additional half day mini-retreat session in the last 10 days. These sessions will include individual, tailored instruction in mindfulness meditation practices, as well as group discussions, gentle yoga and stretching, daily homework and related class materials. 

We need at least 3 people to participate. All class materials provided.

8 week program $200.00

Beginning  ---- for 8 weeks  (no date scheduled)

Youth Classes for 12 -16 year olds:

Yoga, Movement & Anatomy to Gain flexibility, Strength and Concentration

Beginning yoga with a focus on inquiry into how our bodies work. As we flex, stretch and strengthen we'll focus on where we feel it, what joints, bone and muscles are involved, how they work and how we can best support them. This course will have 6 classes, each focusing on a specific area: Respiration, feet and legs, hips, spine and abdominal support, arms and shoulders, central nervous system and the mind-body connection. Worksheets and a skeletal model will be used in class. (One optional special class to be scheduled on the reproductive system)

This program is held over school vacations - Limited to 8 students.

Classes will be held on Mondays  and on Thursdays

Six classes of 2 hours each for $70.    (no date scheduled)

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Bienestar Yoga in Costa Rica is a Yoga Allience 200 hour registered yoga school
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