Bienestar Full Syllabus

Bienestar Integrative 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus



Everything Asana - self-exploration, alignment, function and form, cueing for safe and stable movement,

Mind- Body Connection – movement inquiry, somatic learning, psychological stress and the physical body

Asana sequencing - designing classes at different energetic levels, skill levels and creating graceful transitions


Mudras and Mantras

The Bhandas


Yoga Nidra and the Body Scan


Chair yoga

Creating a self guided personal practice

How to make individual modifactions specific to a client  


Teaching Methodology

Being true to your self, authenticity, creating trust

Modeling and language to support, motivate and encourage

Professional organizations and their benefits, creating professional community to support your professional practice and growth

Discuss and practice of an individuals physical assessment

Distinguishing a student’s level of experience, and setting appropriate pace and skill level

Knowing the different lineages of yoga, in practice and philosophy  


Anatomy and Physiology

To learn basic human anatomy of the skeletal, muscular, respitory and central nervous systems of the body

To learn the basis of the subtle body and it’s energy systems including the Koshas and the chakras

To provide a basic introduction to Ayurveda

To introduce proprioception and somatic therapies  


Philosophy, Ethics & Lifestyle

To create a understanding of the personal growth and transformation available through a commitment to yoga

Teaching as both an art and a responsibility

To understand the ethics of teaching

To realize there is a limited scope to your practice as a professional teacher

To examine the origin’s and history of yoga To take a brief look at the differences with in yogic practices/styles taught to date

To look at the Yama’s and Niyama’s and understand their place in your lifestyle, in the classroom and in the practice of your students  


Practicum – 3 exercises 

The practicum goals are designed to: Establish a firm knowledge of individual postures

To learn constructive demonstration and verbal cues that communicates proper alignment Understand concepts of teaching versus leading

To develop awareness of individuals working within a group setting

To build a safe common sense class with in a time frame

To understand transitions  

Teaching individual asana

Plan a 8 week beginners program 

Design a Vinyasa flow class for students with varying yoga experience

Bienestar Yoga in Uvita, Costa Rica teacher training syllabus