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Youth Class 12 -16: Yoga, Movement & Anatomy

  • 6Days
  • 2Steps


This is a youth classes for kids 12 - 16 years old to learn yoga, movement & anatomy to gain flexibility, strength and concentration. Beginning yoga with a focus on inquiry into how our bodies work. As we flex, stretch and strengthen we'll focus on where we feel it, what joints, bone and muscles are involved, how they work and how we can best support them. This course will have 6 classes, each focusing on a specific area: Respiration, feet and legs, hips, spine and abdominal support, arms and shoulders, central nervous system and the mind-body connection. Worksheets and a skeletal model will be used in class. (One optional special class to be scheduled on the reproductive system) This program is held over school vacations - Limited to 8 students Classes will be held on Mondays and on Thursdays Six classes of 2 hours each for $70 This class will return April 2023

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