The Path to Wellbeing

Finding wellbeing - Bienestar Yoga Teacher Training in Uvita, Costa Rica

It amazes me how little people think about their bodies, their habits, what they eat and how it all functions together. I have been blessed to have lived the childhood I did and to have come of age in a time of developing awareness to our environment, our food, to active lifestyles and healthy habits, into an era of consciousness.

I lived a healthy life always, with a loving family, strong community values, spiritual beliefs in something greater and I was encouraged to pursue things that interested me. And yet at a certain age, I got sick and did not know how to handle it. It was stress from my lifestyle, just too much living, doing, a marriage that was not a partnership, and all the busyness.

But it was figured out and I simplified my lifestyle by choice to do less. And I studied how to help others find well-being. It is in all of us, often we just need to slow down to see where those bumps are, or life can cause us to come to a screeching halt where we are forced to slow down and stop. We live in an age where we see or hear everything around the world; we are told we can be anything, everything, have it all…but that is not true.

We need to make choices, we need to find balance, we need to love, to share, to have a community, to eat well, to have a physical life through work or exercise, we need to continue learning, we need to feel safe, we need to have beliefs.

For most of this, that means we make choices consciously or unconsciously in how we live, where we live, with whom we live, or we work with a community to create or stabilize all of these features in our lives. This is why when I came to live full-time here in Uvita, Costa Rica, I did not just name my business after my name, I named it Bienestar, which means "Wellbeing" in Spanish.

I don’t think many people have a clue as to what I really do; I am an Integrative Medical Specialist, and as a practitioner I can personalize and apply psychotherapy, coaching, yoga, yoga therapy and meditation for illness and recovery. I worked on a team at the Mayo Clinic in Integrative Medicine and the University of Minnesota Medical Schools Center for Spirituality and Healing, as well as in private practice.

It was and is about creating a life in balance by pulling all my studies and experience together to work with or to serve those with questions about their wellbeing, but without dogma without being overly zealous to sell an agenda. Because I know that what works best for everyone is what they actually believe in. It is about being the trusted caregiver, it is about holding a space where individuals feel free to share their story or to ask for input.

You cannot just go and get wellbeing - there is no magic bean. What works for you is your magic, and not necessarily that of the next person with the very same symptoms or illness. There are many things I believe in, many things I have seen work and it is not transferable. You as an individual must do the work. A prescription from the doctor alone will not heal your heart; it might lower your blood pressure, yes, but you must change your diet, you must exercise at an appropriate level. A pill will not cure your anxiety, but you can learn to manage it, learning to take control of your life, eliminate or avoid the triggers, and breathe. The work is where the healing lies: admitting the issues, evaluating the sources, having a realistic assessment, making an informed decision (what is available to me?) and then the creation of a realistic plan (what do you believe in, what are you willing to do, how invested can you be in change?). I can tell you the more of the exploration into the issues and the appropriate changes you make in your life yourself, the deeper the healing is.

Thank the powers that be we live in a time of wide open options - some traditional, some medical, some shamanistic, some magical, some brand new like biotechnology or brain hacks. But the choices are there for you to live your best life. Your capacity for wellbeing is your choice. Most of us don’t care to live forever we just want to live well while we are here, contribute to society, community, family, to love and be loved, to feel well, to sleep well, to move well, to find peace, contentment, and happiness.

Find your Wellbeing.

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