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My coaching work with clients is pragmatic, with a focus on immediate and long-term goals. I participate from a collaborative point of view — I believe that psychotherapy clients are the experts on their own lives and problems, while I am a consultant who can assist them to solve those problems. I accomplish my work by listening without judging, asking questions to expand their thinking around a subject, and offering tools (exercises, practices or homework) that are designed take them deeper into their feelings around a topic or teach a new skill. I have seen how careful observation of thoughts, emotions, behaviors and sensations help to move the brain towards new, healthy patterns. 

Mindfulness skills and concepts have long been used in an effort to alleviate suffering and to lessen the sting of life's difficulties, especially those that may be self-imposed. A mindful approach in psychotherapy can help clients to appreciate each moment as it happens, to regulate emotion, and to expand their awareness. Facing a problem (paying attention to its presence), rather than turning away (denying or repressing its presence) helps to develop a relationship with the problem or challenge, which increases a feeling of effectiveness and the possibility that the problem can change.

Working with you directly I will create a plan using the most effective psychological tools and techniques to bring you back to your center. We will collaborate together to integrate appropriate approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), mindfulness, somatic therapies, and other holistic approaches so that you feel whole again and can move forward in your life with courage and grace to create the life you truly want to be living.

Counseling is provided by Bienestar's founder, Lura Shopteau

Psychotherapy and counseling appointments are available in 60 minute sessions and 100 minute sessions in Uvita, Costa Rica.

60 Minute Sessions - $50

100 Minute Sessions - $100


First time client special: 90 minutes for $50 

Sliding scale always available for those in need.

Lura Shopteau


Lura has valued the Pura Vida Costa Rica lifestyle for over 24 years and feels blessed to call this magical place home.  She moved full time to Uvita in 2013 and opened her dedicated yoga school and training center, Bienestar. 


With  23 years of teaching experience, Lura has earned her E-RYT-500, which is the highest recognized designation for a certified yoga teacher, making Lura certified to train other teachers at all levels.  The practice of yoga brought her to train as a professional counselor (LPC), yoga therapist (C-IAYT) and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher. She is specially trained to apply psychotherapy, yogic, and meditation techniques to treat medical issues. With yoga, Lura has worked with integrative medical professionals helping clients with an array of health problems. She has taught in medical schools, hospitals, yoga centers, and trained other yoga teachers while maintaining a private practice in holistic counseling. 

Bienestar Yoga teaching and psychotherapy counseling in Uvita, Costa Rica.
Counseling Specialties


Anxiety and stress

Relocation and expat concerns

Enjoying retirement to the fullest

Communication skills


Family therapy

Individual counseling

Couples counseling

Relationship therapy

Life transitions

Physical health concerns

Self-esteem and self-worth



Lura Shopteau is the founder and primary instructor at Bienestar Yoga in Uvita Costa Rica.