Bienestar Yoga classes and teaching is in Uvita, Costa Rica
Fun Activities in Uvita

Relax at the many beaches


Stand up paddle boarding

Jungle hikes

Snorkeling and scuba diving

Great local dining

Nature tours of all kinds

Plus much more!

Bienestar Yoga supports the local community in Uvita Costa Rica
Come join us at Bienestar, located in the heart of Costa Ballena in Costa Rica


Uvita is the epicenter of the Costa Ballena area and the home of Ballena National Park, aptly named after the distinguishable whale tale shaped beach.


Playa Colonia, the closest beach (only 500 meters away) to Bienestar is a national park as well. It is a long shallow beach in a big bay, where you can see all of the Osa peninsula and Isla de Cano, which is 16 miles out to sea.


The beach is still an undeveloped area with no buildings within 200 meters for the beach. Most days there are only a handful of people visiting the beach.


Uvita in general is very relaxed and has an easygoing vibe. There are many restaurants and stores in the center of town to take care of everything you need.

At Bienestar we are happy to answer any questions you have about the area, so please feel free to contact us.

Bienestar fully believes in supporting the local economy


Bienestar supports local Costa Rica businesses, organic growers and wild crafters.  When you study or use the services offered at Bienestar, you are supporting the community of Uvita. 


We are locally owned and whenever possible we attempt to meet our needs right here in the community helping our local economy.

We work hand-in-hand with our neighbors to build a solid and helpful place. Here's just a few examples: 


The pipa’s you drink come from Stephanie’s family


Our home grown fruits are managed by Elvis who also makes the coconut oil in your smoothie.


Our organic salads come from the farmers market.


Tony chop’s the yard.


All the building has been built and maintained by Geiner and his crew.


We are in the business of doing what we do best, teaching yoga, meditation and guiding you into a

richer fuller life.  We support our neighbors in their business’s to create a community that flourishes

for all.  We welcome you to become apart of our wonderful community.