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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 
     Yoga Alliance Certification

300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training  (more information & date to be announced)

Continuing Education YACEP

What is a Certification and why is Important?

A certification is suppose to mean that you have studied and accomplished a certain amount of expertise in a field.   A certification is only worth the professional group that stands behind the program with standard for the curriculum to be learned. A certifying body (in this case Yoga Alliance) is an organization that has been accredited for a sector and can provide compliance certificates. This organization is recognized by the authorities for its expertise in a specific subject (yoga).  In today's world to get a job in many field you need a certification to show a level of has been met to get hired.  In yoga you may need to to have insurance to get hired in a school or yoga studio, you can not get insurance without meeting standards.  

Each country may have its own certifying body Canada (Canadian Yoga Assoc.), England (British Wheel of Yoga), etc.. but Yoga Alliance is an international organization and will often be recognized and accepted for membership in most countries.  

Continuing Education Units or CEU's  once you're a member of a professional organization you will need to take continuing education to maintain your membership. Every few years you are required to take addition in person training in some area of your field. This is important to keep you up to date and to continue to grow and be engaged in the area of yoga. For Yoga Alliance these ceu's need to be taught by a  YACEP - a yoga teacher or specialist in their field that Yoga Alliance believes is trained to educate in a specific area.

Many teachers are offering 'Certification' especially in CEU programs.   You do not need a certification in Paddleboard Yoga, or Ariel Yoga or many other subjects.  

Do not pay more because it has a certification.. make sure that certification has something behind it.  I have noticed this a lot in online programs from coaching, mediation teacher, some times they are certifying their own programs and it will never be worth anything to you.