Continuing education classes are necessary for us to grow in our personal practices and to expand our skills as teaching professionals. The Yoga Alliance requires all members to take 30 units of continuing education every 3 years. Highly informed and concientious teachers versed in both the art and science of an array of practices in yoga can truly inform students on managing wellbeing in daily life.


Besides staying current and deepening your practice, YACEP program CEU's can be tax deductible if you're teaching yoga regularly. We'll be updating our offerings here in Costa Rica and in the U.S. throughout the year, so stay updated with our website, the Yoga Alliance YACEP guide or on our Facebook page

Continuing Education Classes - YACEP

Teaching Yin Yoga


November 30 - December 4



Learn to settle into the meditative stillness of long held poses and how that effects the body when we apply the meridian system of oriental medicine (the organ pairs and chi flow to support those meridians and joint health). This class will receive instruction from a PhD in Oriental Medicine.

Yoga Integrating the Teaching of Meditation

November 19 - 23



Learn how to subtly prepare the body and breathe to integrate meditation (Dhyana) and concentration (Dharana) into a practice from a student's first visit to class and build it into a solid practice for any individual. This class requires a 30 day practicum at home.

 Yoga Bhakti & Seva in practice

Watch for New Dates



What comes with a daily practice, dedication and a willingness to serve others? Learn what being of service entails and how you and your clients can play a role in your own life and the greater community in which you live.

Yoga for Women'sWell-being in the  Fertile Years  

December 6, 7, 8



Learn about the female body, it's hormone and endocrine systems during the menstral years (from ages 12-50 approximately) and the yoga practices that help to keep you in balance mentally, physically and emotionally.

Yoga for Wellbeing in the Wise Women Years 

December  9, 10, 11



Learn about the female body during peri-menopause and beyond (generally from the age of 42 upward). Explore how yoga practice allows you to stay strong, flexible and balanced as you get older and move into the wiser years. 


Into the



January 6, 7, 8  2021



Integrate the knowledge of the energetic body to support your healing capacity.  You will learn to recognize common signs and symptoms related to imbalances of the Chakras, and how to apply your knowledge with approachable lifestyle skills to bring them back into alignment.

Additional information about Bienestar's classes



Bienestar Yoga Shala is located near the Whale's Tale coast (Costa Ballena) in Uvita de Osa, Costa Rica, which is about 3.5 hours from the main international airport in San Jose. We are accessible by  shuttle service, cab, bus or rental car. There is a map with a full description of transportation options on our Contact page



We will give you a list of hostels, hotels and AirBnBs within 1 mile of the studio. Prices range from $15 to $100 per night.


Our trainings include breakfast after morning practice and lunch around 1pm with a large healthy salad. Pipas (fresh coconut water), teas, juices and snacks will also be available. You're free to go enjoy the sunset and dinner elsewhere in town.



Everything you need for class is provided, except material to be read before your arrival.


A certificate of completion providing documentation for Yoga Alliance will be awarded by Bienestar upon graduation of the class and (if required) additional practicum hours.

Remember: If you are working as a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher this class and the related travel expenses may be tax deductible. See the IRS's website for more information.

Bienestar Yoga in Costa Rica is a Yoga Allience 200 hour registered yoga school
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