Our Casa on Golfo Dulce

Our Tropical Casa

Our home for the week is set at the end of a beach on the Osa Peninsula, (home to 8% of the world's biodiversity) looking out over the Golfo Dulce, (the world's largest tropical fjord).  

 When have you ever awoken to the call of macaws?  

 Walked out your door and onto an empty beach?  

Lived in the open air?  

Danced as the full moon shimmers on a tropical bay? 

This home on the Golfo Dulce enjoys it all, while being surrounded by a wild jungle.

In January  and February these warm tropical waters are visited by Southern Hemisphere Humpback whales. Here you can spend some alone time in a quiet nook or hanging out with the group in the communal spaces like the cozy living room, the pool or the beach. February is the dry season, and the average daily temperature is 85 - 90 degrees, the water is a warm 75 - 80 degrees on average.


The house, like most in Costa Rica, has no air conditioning but we should have a steady breeze off the water, and a pool to soak in. We live with the sun on our 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark, the experience will reset your circadian rhythms and sleep patterns.

Besides memorable experiences and a mesmerising location you may expect delicious home-cooked food by our chef in residence.  Local organic fruits, vegitables and seafood will be offered in abundance.  The diet will be Mediterranean in general mostly vegetarian (or if you chose vegan)  but fresh local fish or shrimp will be offered every evening.  You’ll have an opportunity to join in the cooking if you would like and we will all experience making chocolates together out of local cocoa beans.  Evenings are a time to create new friendships and have empowering conversations. (If you like you can) Share your story and learning from that of others. 

We will finish our trip under the tropical full moon on our private beach and celebrating on the last night. And even though we are about the gathering you will still find plenty of quiet time for self-reflection and to unwind by yourself. Let go of any expectations, dive in and let go in wild Costa Rica with us.  I can’t wait!



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What will you do with this one wild life?


Puerto Jimenez     Arrive - Saturday, February 12   &   Depart a.m. - Friday, February 18, 2022

What's included?

Airport - Puerto Jimenez  - transfers arrival and departure shuttles

Accommodation at our retreat home with access to a swimming pool, the beach, the ocean &  WiFi.

Daily morning yoga practices and meditation sessions, some evening pre-sleep session

Brunch, lunch, snacks and dinner all fresh and home cooked 

An adventurous trip on the water 

Art workshops - all supplies provided, a mantra circle creation, yantra painting & cyanotype printing 

Bird watching 

Long walks on the beach and dancing under a full moon

One professional massage

and a  gift or two!        







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Final word,  Bugs 

      You must not mind bugs. . . because you can not enter Costa Rica or

      the jungle without seeing them.   And some of them are just amazing.