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We teach small groups so connections are made.  We have studied in many programs where we were 1 of 35, sometimes even 1 of 72.  This is not how we deepen connection, gain confidence, or feel supported.  At this time our world needs support, kindness, compassion and deeper experience. We do not lead exercise classes but encourage you to connect through breath, feeling the practice, kindness to yourself and others,  letting your self release from your busy world into peace, nature and nurture.


Bienestar supports local Costa Rica businesses, organic growers and wild crafters.  When you study or use the services offered at Bienestar, you are supporting the community of Uvita.  We are locally owned and whenever possible we attempt to meet our needs right here in the community helping our local economy. We are in the business of doing what we do best, teaching yoga, meditation and guiding you into a richer fuller life.  We support our neighbors in their business’s to create a community that flourishes for all.  We welcome you to become apart of our wonderful community.

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Uvita is the epicenter of the Costa Ballena area and the home of Ballena National Park, aptly named after the distinguishable whale tale shaped beach. All of the beaches are undeveloped with no buildings within 200 meters for the beach. The waves are gentle and the water temperature is warm for swimming and surfing.  Uvita in general is very relaxed and has an easygoing "Pura Vida" vibe. There are many restaurants and stores in the center of town to take care of all your needs. Please contact us for additional activities and questions.


Bienestar would like to acknowledge the indigenous people whose land we are on today, the Boruca, Terriba and the Diquis peoples lived here for thousands of years.  Costa Rica was first colonized by Christopher Columbus on this 4th journey when he set foot on Isla Uvita in 1502.   The Spaniards then colonized Costa Rica for 400 years.  In the past 50 years thousands of  people of northern European ancestry, including me,  have continued this colonization to their own benefit and enjoyment.  I acknowledge my respect, appreciation and have much gratitude for their knowledge, and care of the land and their continued sharing of teachings, art and spiritual practices today.

We live and love our practices, we are here to share what we know, we are here to welcome you in your exploration of self and journey of personal growth. We are dedicated students as we continue to study and dedicate ourselves to this simple and quiet life.  We are here to be of service, to be generous with our time and knowledge as you explore the world of mindfulness, meditation and yogic practice.
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