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Continuing education classes are necessary for us to grow in our personal practices and to expand our skills as teaching professionals. The Yoga Alliance requires all members to take 30 units of continuing education every 3 years. Highly informed and concientious teachers versed in both the art and science of an array of practices in yoga can truly inform students on managing wellbeing in daily life.


Besides staying current and deepening your practice, YACEP program CEU's can be tax deductible if you're teaching yoga regularly. We'll be updating our offerings here in Costa Rica and in the U.S. throughout the year, so stay updated with our website, the Yoga Alliance YACEP guide or on our Facebook page. 


Continuing Education

Bienestar focuses on your growth and development in wellbeing.  We offer you the opportunity to expand your practice & your knowledge of wellbeing techniques for everyone and for some more specific times in life. Here are our current programs:

Learn how yoga prepares the subtle body through the practice of asana and pranayama and all of the koshers to find focus and stillness. We develop concentration Dharana - to develop the ability find stillness in the mind and body in meditation - Dhyana.  Deepen your own practice and learn how to teach your students to practice Dhyana.  

This program includes a practicum and mentorship.

No upcoming dates

Integrating the teaching of Meditation into your  Yoga classes

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Wise Women Yoga for Healthy Ageing

The practice of Yoga will make you more aware of your own body—more conscious of its strengths, weaknesses and needs.  We emphasize ways to honor our innate physiology by practicing intelligently and with intention.

The Wisdom years allow for women's greatest freedom and often our greatest creativity and contributions to the world.  We will look at yoga practices beneficial to the aging body, focusing on strength and balance, mental clarity, and our spirit with purpose and path.

No upcoming dates

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