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Yin Yoga

Course Description:  Yoga is inherently a wellness practice. In yoga, we find that by practicing the right yoga for each different phase of an individual's life we can maintain a healthy body and mind. These classes were designed to create a deeper knowledge of everyday yoga practices you can use to connect with your clients through normally occurring different stages of life that they may be dealing with. 

In this course we develop an understanding of the history, philosophy and practice of Yin Yoga. To practice Yin is to explore it's subtle energies and opposition in practice to our everyday asana which bring flexibility and strength to the body. Yin brings peace, ease and interception. Yin is complementary to Yang practices and helps to keep our being in balance, by nourishing what may be over worked or under served in our existing practice. 

Course objectives - an understanding and ability to explain, 

  • Principle of Yin practice, Pranayama, Asana (35), teaching yin classes. Knowledge of the meridians in Acupuncture and the Nadi’s, 

  • The 5 organ pairs of TCM, 

  • The five element theory, 

  • The three treasures, 

  • The vayu's, 

  • The chakras, 

  • The anatomy and physiology of our joints and facia 

  • Yin /Yang Theory (taoism- duality)


Manual - Workbook will be provided 

Required pre-reading - Lao Tzu, Tao the Ching by Ursula Le Guin 

Remote Presentation on TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine by Sandy Wu, R.AC, RHN, E-RYT500 


Additional Course Information Presented over 4 days, offers 34 CEU's. 

  • The cost of the program with meals is $600. 

  • Class begins at 7:30 daily, Breakfast and lunch will be served daily. 

  • Additionally we can arrange... Accommodations and Airport Transport to and from San Jose International  

  • A private room with shared bathroom at Bienestar                                                  A 10 minute walk to Bienestar on the same road or I can lend you bikes if you prefer.

  • Airport (SJO) for $75. each way or provide shuttle and bus information. 

  • Pay via PayPal  U.S. no extra fees,  25% Deposit at registration ($120) and the final payment anytime up to 10 before program start date.

        paypal account

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