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Breath: A Regenerative Technique


f there is a word that represents Costa Rica this would be it: Regeneration. We now know that no matter what condition most living things are in, we have methods and systems that are set up intrinsically for renewal to be able to take place. It is in our DNA.

Regeneration: the act of renewal or restoration.

As many are aware, Costa Rica is a country that has chosen to be regenerative in their practices for example. Over the past 30 years pastures have been reforested by 50 % across the country. Costa Rica’s electric grid powered by 98% renewable energy for the 6th year in a row. People from around the world come here to embrace and immerse themselves in the plentitude of the restorative atmosphere. Some also come to undertake personal growth and in my practice, cornerstone to delving into such personal self work we start with our breath.

Breath Work as a Start to Regeneration of the Self

If we put our attention, focus and energy into just about anything, we can grow it and/or heal it. So, let’s start with a simple thing like our breath. In reality our breathing is really very complex and evolves all parts of the body not just the nose and the lungs, but our cardiac function, as well as our arterial flow, nervous system, hormones, digestion, and even affects our relaxation. Our sleep can even be impacted.

As it has been demonstrated by research, proper breath work can even reduce inflammatory markers, lessen asthma and help with sleep apnea. If you have a skin disorder, suffer from anxiety, stress, or depression, breath work may be a solution I would suggest. Surprisingly as it may also be, breath can even affect weight loss. And yet, breath remains an automatic function one we don’t give much thought to. But it is one that we can consciously control. In doing I have seen improvement in many aspects of my physical body.

Breath is our Life Force

Correctly so, my recommendation is taking a class in breathing as it can help many aspects of your life. Yoga calls breathing “Pranayama“, ‘prana‘ meaning life, ‘yama‘ meaning force. Breathe is our life force. We cannot live without it. Yogis observed these breathing habits and found patterns and techniques that people can use to consciously change to create better health. Since that time, using this information, breath work has been taught. In other cultures that same information has been discovered and practiced, the Buteyko technique, The Wim Hof breathing method and Holotropic Breathwork are such examples. These are all techniques, in addition to yoga, that you can find classes world wide that are beneficial to your overall health and well being in just a few sessions. I highly encourage everyone to have their own breath work practices.

References: Breath, the New Science of a Lost Art; James Nestor, 2020, Riverhead Books, New York, N.Y.

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